Saturday May 06, 2017
BMR Rocket Chris “Bomber” Harris successfully negotiated his Grand Prix Qualifier round at Esbjerg in Denmark this afternoon to take the first step towards reclaiming the GP spot he so proudly held for ten seasons.

The Cornishman racked up two race wins in his 10 points total, and despite a last race duck finished fifth on the day as he capitalised on his call-up to the event.

It proved a much tougher occasion, however, for British Champion Danny King, who was eliminated after finishing down the field on 5 points.

The meeting was won by current Grand Prix star Piotr Pawlicki with 12 points, with former GP man Kenneth Bjerre heading home Kai Huckenbeck and Kjastas Puodzuks in a run-off to decide second spot after the trio had jointly finished on 11.


Piotr Pawlicki 12, Kenneth Bjerre 11, Kai Huckenbeck 11, Kjastas Puodzuks 11 (after a run-off for second place), Chris Harris 10, Peter Ljung 10, Michael Jepsen Jensen 9, Mikkel Michelsen 9, Sam Masters 9 (after a run-off), Timo Lahti 6, Rasmus Jensen (res) 5, Jacob Thorsell 5, Danny King 5, Andriej Kudriaszow 3, Tero Aarnio 2, Glenn Moi 2, Janusz Kolodziej 0.